Radioactive Things

We sell high quality specimens of Pitchblende, Uraninite, Autunite, Curite, Kasolite, Becquerelite, Cuprosklodowskite, Torbernite and other radioactive minerals from many of the world’s most famous mines that have been closed for decades. 

Believed to have originated in supernova explosions, Uranium is the heaviest natural element on earth, and it continually decays over time with a half-life of 4.5 billion years. It was discovered by Klaproth in 1789 in the black mineral Pitchblende and in 1896 Becquerel demonstrated that Uranium was radioactive.

This photo below shows a large and very active specimen of Pitchblende that is believed to have belonged to Martin Klaproth and came from the location where he collected the mineral in Jáchymov, in the Czech Republic. 

In 1898 Marie Curie discovered a new element in Pitchblende that was a part of the Uranium decay chain. She named the new element Radium and it is incredibly over 2 million times more radioactive than Uranium itself. Fission was discovered in 1938 by Otto Hahn and explained theoretically in 1939 by Lise Meitner. U235, the raw material for fission, was in very short supply at the time as only 0.7% of natural Uranium is composed of U-235 (99% is U-238, and a trace amount is U-234)

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