Antique WWII Luminous Discs

Overview of Luminous Discs: We have several of these very collectible antique radioluminescent discs known as "deck markers" from WWII. During the war, these discs glowed brightly in the dark and were essentially “emergency lighting” for the decks of aircraft carriers so that personnel did not inadvertently walk off the deck. The Radium has long since “burned out” the Zinc Sulfide, however as the half-life of Radium is 1600 years, these discs remain essentially as active as when they were made. They glow brightly under UV light. Incredibly, when viewed in total darkness, these discs still emit a very faint eery bluish glow - even without exposure to UV. And, after adjusting to the dark, it is sometimes possible to slight scintillations in the discs. These deck markers are the most prized by collectors of the luminous discs made during WWII. They are generally more active than the paratroop discs worn on helmets, and even the physically larger bridge markers. 

Note on Safe Handling of These Markers: There is a substantial amount of Radium 226 in each disc. While these discs are literally built for war, they should not be tampered with or opened in any way as this would create a hazardous situation in which the Ra-226 could be ingested, absorbed through minor skin abrasions or inhaled. When handling, gloves should be worn and they should be kept out of the reach of children and pets. 

WWII Luminous Deck Markers

Marker 3
Marker 4

DescriptionThese were found in the attic of a former WWII vet who served on an aircraft carrier where they had been in storage since the war, so they are essentially unused and in immaculate condition for an item that is over 70 years old. It is exceedingly rare to find these discs in this condition!

The markers  read around 350,000 CPM on a Ludlum Model 3 with a 44-3 detector.  We offer them without the original pouch or with the pouch depending upon your preference. No international shipping.

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