Luminous Paint

Hammer Laboratories Luminous Paint Pigment Kit (7 bottles)

Hammer Laboratories Luminous Paint Pigment Kit (7 bottles)

DescriptionIn the early 1900s William Hammer began to work with radium. He received 9 tubes of radium and one tube of Polonium from Pierre and Marie Currie which he brought back to the United States. By mixing the powder with zinc sulfide (in 1902), he produced the first radium-luminous paint. He was also the first person to make colored (and white) luminous materials. In 1907 he invented and patented a process for producing colored phosphorescent materials by combining phosphorescent and fluorescent substances.  

These 7 bottles of luminous paint were manufactured by Hammer Laboratories of Denver Colorado. While it is not known the extent to which Hammer Laboratories was connected to William Hammer, the luminescence under UV light (and to some degree after exposure to natural light) is striking. There is a considerable amount of pigment in each of these bottles, and the colors can be seen in the photos, along with the inscriptions on the bottles. Interestingly, these bottles do not show any evidence of radioactivity above background. Their exact chemical content is unknown. The bottles are indeed very old.

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