WWII Luminous Disks

Overview: We have sold several of these very collectible antique disks from the WWII Normandy Jump. The disks were worn on the helmut of paratroops, and at the time, glowed in the dark. The Radium has long since “burned out” the Zinc Sulfide, however as the half-life of Radium is 1600 years, these disks remain essentially as active as when they were made in the 1943. They glow brightly under UV light. Incredibly, when viewed in total darkness, these disks still emit a very faint eery bluish glow - even without exposure to UV. 


Note on safe handling of these disks: There is a substantial amount of Radium 226 in each disk. While these disks are literally built like a tank for war, they should not be tampered with or opened as this would create a hazardous situation in which the Ra-226 could be ingested, absorbed through minor skin abrasions or inhaled. When handling, gloves should be worn. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

WWII Luminous Disk #14

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WWII Luminous Disk #14

Description: This authentic WWII Luminous disk is in very condition, and as shown in the photo, is also very hot. While there is evidence of use in the war, there is almost no corrosion and the disk is fully intact with no evidence of leakage. A true collectors antique from WWII. 

Price: $550. Shipping: $15.

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