Tips for safe handling

Tips for Safe Handling

Type of radiation and shielding: Uranium and its decay elements emit Alpha particles, Beta particles and Gamma rays. Paper, skin and a few centimeters of air stop Alpha particles. Thin layers of plastic, metal or even a small block of wood will stop Beta particles. Nothing totally stops Gamma rays, however lead and concrete will attenuate it. 

Radiation exposure: Exposure to radiation from Uranium is a function of Amount (size and radioactivity of the sample), Exposure Time, Shielding and Distance (exposure drops off by the inverse square law: if the radiation exposure is 100 mR/hr at 1 inch from a source, the exposure will be 0.01 mR/hr at 100 inches). Uranium ores emit a small amount of Radon gas. It is best to keep samples in a well-ventilated area such as in the garage, outside, or in an air-tight container. 

Tips for safe handling: Minimize the time you are in contact with radioactive specimens, maximize your distance from where the samples are stored, and if you acquire a large amount, consider storing in a lead-lined box. Wear disposable gloves while handling, clean up the work area and wash hands after handling. Do not eat or drink around the samples, or otherwise ingest any dust from the samples. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. If you follow these simple rules, you can enjoy this incredible element called Uranium.


Shipping: USPS packaging instructions in Publication 52 states that "the radiation level at any point on the external surface of the mail piece must not exceed 0.5 millirem per hour" and that the material be wrapped in a protective sheath inside the box. 

Shielding and box size: Depending upon the activity level of the specimen that you purchase, lead shielding and / or an oversized box may be required for shipping in order to conform to USPS requirements. In most cases, samples are shipped via USPS Priority Mail.

Shipping address: This website uses the PayPal payment system, and your purchases must be shipped to your PayPal Confirmed Address. 

US shipping only: We’re often asked to ship internationally, however countries have different regulations with regard to shipping of radioactive materials.  In almost all ports of entry around the world, including the United States, Customs has very sensitive radiation detectors in place. When items that show a radioactive signature are detected at Customs, the items will be marked for further inspection, as shown in the photo below in a recent shipment to us of minerals from abroad. When this happens, Customs in all countries will inspect the package, and at their discretion they may decide to let the shipment pass or they may decide to confiscate and destroy the item. As such, we cannot guarantee delivery to destinations outside of the United States, and will not refund the purchase price for items that are confiscated or delayed (sometimes for weeks). Therefore, unfortunately, we do not ship internationally. 

A final word: The radioactive minerals and products on this site are to be used educational and scientific purposes only. These specimens are legal to own in the USA and you assume all responsibilities for safe handling once in your possession.

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